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Vendor information: Houston’s 13th Margarita Festival – Sat, May 4, 2024

I want to participate, what must I do?
THE APPLICATION Your signature is needed on each page of the application
which is in PDF format. It is also available in MSWord format on request.

  1. Links to Vendor Packet for this festival:
    Note: this application can be filled out and paid online.
    TO PAY FOR THIS MARKET, you can pay with a cash or a money order, Credit Cards,
    Zelle or PayPal. If you would like to charge it to a credit card, please:
  2. after you download & fill out the application;
  3. go to our website, and make your
    payment; NOTE: The form you fill out online to use your credit card is not the application.
  4. Scan & email it to;
  5. FAX it to me toll-free at 866-875-8960 – no cover page needed;
  6. Snail-mail it to me. EWMedia, 6606 FM 1488, #148-116, Magnolia, TX 77354.
    If you do snail mail it to me please call me and let me know.
    The website will send you a receipt immediately upon payment. We will send you
    another receipt before the Market to make sure we are on the same page as far as
    what you are ordering and what you have paid.
    On the Thursday morning before the Festival, I will email you load-in information.
    Although there is general load-in information in the vendor packet, this information is
    superseded by the load-in information you get the week of the Festival.
    TEMP HELP FOR LOAD-IN is available for hire. Must be arranged in advance.
    We would appreciate you sharing any Festival publicity you receive with your own
    mailing list. Please call or email if you have questions.

Vendor Application

Vendor Guidelines

  1. CONFIRMATION & BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Booth space (No tents provided) is limited and vendors are selected on first-come/first-serve basis. Required: Weights for your tent. Acceptance and booth location are determined by the date application & full payment are postmarked. We will send a payment receipt immediately & a Load-In Information Packet approximately 3-days before the Festival.
  2. BOOTH SPACE: White tents are required Spaces are 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ (see #24 for larger sizes). For an additional fee, you may be able to rent 5 feet of space external to your booth, allowing you to sell out of 2 sides of your booth. See the 10’x15’ column on the Rental Fee chart on page 1 of this application.
  3. FIRST-RIGHT-OF-REFUSAL: If you work one of our festival’s, we will make every attempt (this is not a guarantee), to give you first-right-of-refusal for the next year’s festival as long as you pay for your booth by the first-right-of-refusal cut-off date, your spot cannot be taken by another vendor.
  4. SALES / SUBLEASING: Sales must take place within your booth space. No subleasing of booths allowed. Festival only provides the space; Vendors must provide their own booths,white tents, tables, chairs, etc.
  5. EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Festival does not rent equipment. For referrals, contact us.
  6. EXCLUSIVITY – Types of merchandise sold must be included in application and approved by festival.
    For an exclusive on any product call 832-413-2217 or email
  7. LATE FEES – Applications paid after 4/25/2024 incur a $25 late fee.
  8. JURIED ARTS & CRAFTS – Pre-approval required. Please find information/requirements at Pre-Approval is required to apply.
  9. PROPANE / Propane can be used. Requires an initial $280 payment. Propane cost to Festival is split among the vendors using it. If your share is more or less than $280, you will be notified and refunded or charged the difference before the Festival. If you owe additional funds, you must pay prior to being able to set up at the Festival. Propane Fee ($285) must be paid by 4/01/2024 – add $25 if late.
  10. ELECTRICITY / GENERATORS: The Festival does not provide electricity. Traditional generators are not allowed unless you have an inverter type of generator such as a Whisper-Quiet or Honda Silent Generator. Sound Boxes may also be allowed. Pre-approval is required – Contact us.
  11. FOOD VENDORS: Vendors may sell 3 pre-approved items, No Beverages. Food Vendors must have
    a Temporary Health Permit – purchase 1 more than 1 week before festival to avoid late fee – City of
    Houston Health Dept., 8000 N. Stadium Dr., Houston, 77054; 832-393-5100 or Mon – Fri, 8 AM –3 PM.
    Application: – under “Title” type “Temporary” and click on the result. Propane is allowed. Charcoal / Wood are NOT. All Food Vendors must have flooring in this venue. You must have a Fire Extinguisher (Rated 2-A, 10-B:C or better or Rated K. if you cook in oil) with current inspection sticker Fire Marshal will inspect booths.
  12. REQUIRED FOOD VENDOR INSURANCE: deadline: 4/01/2024 – add $25 if late. Failure to submit by 4/25/2024 will cancel your reservation. We require that you have a $1 million per occurrence, $2 million aggregate liability policy IMPORTANT: The COI you submit before 4/1/2024 must name Houston Margarita Festival, EWMedia, the Houston Water Works and the City of Houston as Additional Insured. Contact us for assistance if needed.
  1. WASTE DISPOSAL: it is responsibility of each vendor to keep the booth and the surrounding area clean.
    Vendors must provide their own garbage receptacles and garbage bags. Double-bag food waste. Used oil & grey water are vendor responsibilities. Vendors failing to abide by waste guidelines may lose their deposit.
  2. EVENT DAY SETUP: Vendors will not set up until fees are paid. Bring your receipt as only paid vendors will be allowed into the unloading area. Vendors who have not pre-applied and paid are not guaranteed space. Vendor Check-in will begin the morning of Sat, May 4, 2024. You will be assigned to one of 6 load-in times. The Day-of Information Packet you receive Thursday morning before the Festival will give you specific instructions and override information contained here. You will not be able to drive up to your booth, Bring a cart / dolly as you will have to go up a ramp to reach your booth. Tents: Tent weights are required but no staking of any kind is allowed. Vehicles: Not allowed on festival grounds. Vendors requiring restocking of supplies may re-enter the festival with a dolly. Parking: Extensive Surface parking is available in lots close to the festival site. For more information, see Day-Of Info Packet. Business Hours: You must be ready for business by 1:00 PM Sat. Tear Down may not begin until 10PM. No early load-out.
  1. BEVERAGE SALES: The Festival sells all beverages at the Festival. Vendors may not sell beverages.
  2. PROHIBITED: Vendors may not sell drug paraphernalia, guns & weapons or fireworks.
  3. SALES TAX: You must comply with city and state sales tax guidelines. The Texas Sales Tax Info Line is: 800-252-5555 Free publication that will answer your questions: Fairs, Festivals, Markets & Shows:
  4. ONLY ITEMS listed in your vendor application and approved by the festival may be sold.
  5. SECURITY: The site is fenced & the Festival has security. Vendors are solely responsible for the security
    of their cash, coupons, equipment, goods, inventory, supplies or any other property.
  6. FESTIVAL GUIDELINES will be strictly monitored. If violations occur, two warnings will be issued.
    Additional violations will result in removal from the Festival site by Police without refund.
  7. SOUND LEVELS: Vendors may not play their own music at this event.
  8. ACTS OF GOD: The festival producers, promoters, sponsors, staff/employees, volunteers, etc. are in
    no way responsible or liable for personal adversity or acts of God.
  9. CANCELLATION: Vendors who cancel 60 or more days before the Festival will receive a full refund.
    less credit card fees. Vendors who cancel 59 days or less will pay a $25 fee plus credit card fees.
  10. RAIN OUT POLICY: If a date is cancelled due to rain, technical problems or any other act of God
    beyond the control of the festival the following shall apply: If a rain date for the Festival is scheduled,
    Vendor may set up and the basic booth fee only will be waived. Other fees will still apply.
  11. OVERSIZE COMMERCIAL – Booths with an internal volume greater than 10’ x 20’ shall include a
    5 foot external to tent perimeter on the 2 sides adjacent to the front of the booth. Pricing: (tent not provided) Tents larger than 1200 sq. ft. require permits, the presence of a Fire Marshal, fire extinguishers & signage. Contact for assistance, permits, pricing and sourcing of these tents.
  12. LODGING: Festival vendors, employees, contractors & attendees seeking discounted rates at local hotels / motels can contact Dee at Deech Global Travel @ 225-747-0057 NOTE: To get these discounts, you must go through the agency; they are not available if you contact the hotel / motel directly. We work with Dee on all of our festivals.


  • Smoking is prohibited in all Buffalo Bayou Park areas.
  • The use of confetti, glitter, fake flower petals, birdseed, silly string or balloon releases is prohibited.
  • Staking of any kind is not allowed.
  • Attaching, affixing or applying anything to the exterior or interior of any park property is prohibited.
    o Tape, nails, or staples must not be used on anything within the park, including trees.
    o Tying or attaching anything to trees, fences, benches, tables, etc. must not be done.
  • Installation and location of banners must be approved by BBP prior to installation. No banners may be hung on
    the Wortham Insurance Terrace railing.
  • Large event tents may not exceed an 80-foot span. All tents larger than 40 feet in any dimension must be
    approved by BBP.
  • All tents on the lawn must have approved weights. If flooring will be used, flooring must be
    approved by BBP and should not be in place for more than 72 hours.
  • Event structures may not block public emergency or ADA access.
  • All large (anything that can’t be hand-carried) structures must be approved by BBP.
  • Vehicles may access the Event Venue only from the loading ramp located north of the Hobby Family Pavilion.
  • Vehicles more than 4,000 pounds must remain on the loading ramp and not Park or drive on the Cistern roof.
  • If approved by BBP, gators or small forklifts may be used for event Load-in and Load-out. For this equipment to
    be used on the lawn, a protective road must be constructed. Protective floor covering must be approved by BBP.
  • All protective roads and access points must be promptly removed after Load-in and Load-out.
  • Unless approved by BBP, food may not be prepared on the lawn/decomposed granite surfaces.