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46th Original MLK, Jr Parade & Festival Vendor Information

Vendor Management by EWMedia Group
6606 FM 1488, Ste 148-116, Magnolia, TX 77354832-413-2217, 866-875-8960 – Toll-Free Phone/FAX *

Load-in Information for Non-Food Vendors

Load-in Information for Food Vendors

I want to participate, what must I do?

The vendor application online form is available on the event listing under the ‘Schedule’ page on this website. By completing the online form, you agree that you have read and agree to the information provided below.
A printable PDF version of the application is also available and is linked in the event listing.

TO PAY FOR THIS MARKET, after submitting your online application you will be redirected to the online payment portal where you can pay via credit card securely. You can also pay with a cash or a money order, Zelle or PayPal.
To pay additional fees, please visit
NOTE: The form you fill out there to use your credit card is not the application.


  1. Scan & email it to;
  2. FAX it to me toll-free at 866-875-8960 – no cover page needed;
  3. Snail-mail it to me. EWMedia, 6606 FM 1488, #148-116, Magnolia, TX 77354.
    If you do snail mail it to me please call me and let me know.


The website will send you a receipt immediately upon payment. We will send you
another receipt before the Market to make sure we are on the same page as far as
what you are ordering and what you have paid.

On the Thursday morning before the Festival, I will email you load-in information.
Although there is general load-in information in the vendor packet, this information is
superseded by the load-in information you get the week of the Festival.
TEMP HELP FOR LOAD-IN is available for hire. Must be arranged in advance.

We would appreciate you sharing any Festival publicity you receive with your own
mailing list. Please call or email if you have questions.


  1. CONFIRMATION AND BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: Booth space is limited and
    vendors are selected on first-come/first-serve basis. Acceptance and booth location are
    determined by the date application and full payment is made or postmarked. We will send
    a payment receipt immediately and a load-in information packet approximately 3-days
    before the Festival.
  2. BOOTHS: We rent space only, no equipment Spaces are 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ (see #20
    for larger sizes.
  3. SALES / SUBLEASING: Sales must take place within your booth space. No
    subleasing of booths allowed. Festival only provides the space; Vendors must provide
    their own booths, tents, tables, chairs, etc.
  4. EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Festival is not renting equipment. For referrals, contact us.
  5. EXCLUSIVITY – Types of merchandise sold must be included in application and
    approved by festival. For an exclusive on any product call 832-413-2217 or email
  6. ELECTRICITY: See next page #22 – 26
  7. PROPANE: Can be used at this Festival. Cost to vendors is $85 (actual value to vendor is
    $285. The difference is subsidized by the Black Heritage Society). NOTE: The propane fee
    covers the cost of the fire marshal, the propane company and the propane permit the Festival
    is required to have if propane is being used – it does not cover the cost of the propane you
    use. Be sure to come with a full tank as you will not be able to change tanks at the Festival.
  8. FOOD VENDORS: Vendors may sell 3 pre-approved items plus beverages. Food
    Vendors must have a Temporary Health Permit – 832-393-5100;
    Application & instructions: Fill out the application
    online, 1.) the Department will invoice you, 2.) pay online. 3.) submit invoice or Permit
    to us. If you are a food truck with a Medallion, submit a copy of the medallion to us.
    You must have a Fire Extinguisher (Rated 2-A, 10-B:C or better or Rated K if cooking
    in oil) with current inspection sticker. Fire Marshal will inspect booths. Gray Water &
    Cooking Oil: are vendor responsibilities and must be carried away from the site by vendor
    for disposal.
  9. REQUIRED FOOD VENDOR INSURANCE: We require that you have a $1 million
    per occurrence, $2 million aggregate liability policy naming the Original MLK, Jr
    Birthday Parade & Festival, the Black Heritage Society, The City of Houston and
    EWMedia, as ADDITIONAL INSURED. You must submit the binder listing the
    Additional Insured to me before the week of the Festival. No binders accepted the
    week of the Festival. Call if you need help with this.
  10. WASTE DISPOSAL: it is responsibility of each vendor to keep the booth and the
    surrounding area clean. Vendors must provide their own garbage receptacles and garbage
    bags. Double-bag food waste. Vendors failing to abide by waste disposal guidelines may
    lose their deposit.
  11. EVENT DAY SETUP: Vendors will not set up until fees are paid. Vendor Check-in
    will begin Mon, 1/15/2024. You will be assigned to one of 3 load-in times. The Day-of
    Information Packet you receive 3 days before the Festival will give you specific
    instructions. You may not be able to pull up to your booth, so bring a dolly. Bring your
    receipt as only paid vendors will be allowed into the unloading area. Vendors who have
    not pre-applied and paid are not guaranteed space. Vehicles: Not allowed on festival
    grounds. after 8:00 AM. Vendors requiring restocking of supplies may re-enter the
    festival with a dolly. Parking: Free parking is available. There is extensive parking in
    garages close to the festival site. More info? See Day-Of Info Packet. Business Hours:
    Vendors must be ready for business by 9:00AM Sat. Tear Down may not begin until
    after 5:00 PM when police signal attendees have left the Festival grounds.
  12. BEVERAGE SALES: Food Vendors may sell non-alcoholic beverages at this Festival.
  13. PROHIBITED: Vendors may not sell drug paraphernalia, guns & weapons or
    fireworks. No Glass.
  14. SALES TAX: Houston’s Sales Tax Rate is 8.25% It is the vendor’s responsibility to
    adhere to city and state tax guidelines in the collection and payment of sales tax. Texas
    Sales Tax Info Line is: 800-252-5555
  15. ONLY ITEMS listed in your application and approved by the festival may be sold.
  16. SECURITY: The site is fenced & the Festival has security. Vendors are solely
    responsible for the security of their cash, coupons, equipment, goods, inventory,
    supplies or any other property.
  17. FESTIVAL GUIDELINES will be strictly monitored. If violations occur, two
    warnings will be issued. Additional violations will result in removal from the Festival
    site by Police without refund.
  18. SOUND LEVELS: Vendors may not play their own music at this event.
  19. ACTS OF GOD: The festival producers, promoters, sponsors, staff/employees,
    volunteers, etc. are in no way responsible or liable for personal adversity or acts of God.
  20. RAIN OUT POLICY: If a date is cancelled due to rain, technical problems or any other
    act of God beyond the control of the festival the following shall apply: If a rain date for
    the Festival is scheduled, Vendor may set up and the basic booth fee only will be
    waived. Other fees will still apply.
  21. OVERSIZE COMMERCIAL – Internal volumes greater than 10’x20’
    Price Quote: 832-413-2217. Tents larger than 1200 sq. ft. require the presence of a
    Fire Marshal, fire extinguishers and signage. This will add additional cost.
    Contact for assistance and sourcing of these tents.
  22. LODGING: Festival vendors, employees, contractors & attendees seeking discounted rates at local
    hotels / motels can contact Dee at Deech Global Travel @ 225-747-0057
    NOTE: To get these discounts, you must go through the agency, they are not available if you contact
    the hotel / motel directly. We work with Dee on all of our festivals.
  24. ELECTRICITY: We provide (1) circuit for $95. Vendors must provide their own lighting
    fixtures and enough grounded heavy-duty outdoor cable (100 ft) to reach service.
    No light-duty or indoor cords.
  25. If you need a 20 or 50 amp connection you must provide us with pictures of your
    plug. Label your electrical equipment, including cables to prevent confusion with
    the electrical contractor’s equipment. If they don’t match, it is your responsibility
    to provide an adapter.
  26. BATTERY-POWERED LIGHTING SYSTEM: The professional quality system can
    power lights, computers and small electronics. Not for cooking. System consists of 2
    overhead lights, 2 spotlights, & 2 USB Ports to charge phones. The system rents for $50.
  27. GENERATORS are not allowed. If you have an inverter type of generator such as a
    Whisper-Quiet or Honda Silent Generator, an exception may be possible. Sound boxes
    may also be allowed. Pre-approval is required – Contact us.
  28. ELECTRICAL NEEDS WORKSHEET: Vendors whose electrical needs exceed (1)
    20-amp, 110-volt circuit must submit this information for each piece of equipment
    1 week before the Festival. If you do not submit this form, we won’t be able to
    incorporate your needs into the Festival’s electrical design and you will not be supplied
    with electricity. An electrician will be available (at your expense) on-site during the
    Festival if you have a problem. Summary: Vendor Coordinator must be notified in
    advance of your needs.

Electrical Pricing
$ 95.00 – 20-amp, 110-volt circuit – Vendor must have 100’ cable to reach power
$ 190.00 – 30-amp, 208 volt circuit – Vendor must have 50’ cable to reach power
$ 350.00 – 50-amp, 208 volt circuit – Vendor must have 50’ cable to reach power